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Why Beachwood Capital?

  • Owner’s Perspective: As owners, we understand the need to aggressively negotiate for the best rate and structure available to ensure the long term success and continued growth of any real estate portfolio.

  • Customized Solutions: Not every deal or borrower is the same. While some clients require full brokerage service from loan underwriting through funding, others are equipped to internally create reliable underwriting models and/or manage the closing process.

  • Cost Savings: Beachwood Capital tiers pricing on a customized level of service basis, allowing for a more efficient and cost-effective process to the borrower. Our goal on larger transactions is to facilitate financing at half the cost of the traditional mortgage broker.

  • Unbiased Approach: Correspondent agreements which are often negotiated between lender and broker can lead to loan placement bias. Beachwood Capital has no such agreements, allowing us to utilize an unbiased approach in the selection of the best available loan for each client. 

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